Employment newsletter – March 2014

Our team: Mike Tremeer

Fladgate LLP Employment newsletter March 2014

In this March edition, we consider how the recent employment law reforms are working in practice.  Those reforms include the introduction of Tribunal fees, which have resulted in a massive 79% drop in the number of claims lodged, much to the delight of employers.  Additionally, Tribunals seem to be ordering the losing party to reimburse the winning party for their Tribunal fees, which is good news for those employers facing spurious employment claims.

However, the new TUPE Regulations appear to have created even more confusion for employers, despite assurances that they would bring clarity.

We also set out some useful practical tips for employers when faced with an employee (1) suffering from work-related stress; (2) conspiring to steal their business; and (3) wishing to bring a troublesome companion to a disciplinary meeting.

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