Fashion update – September 2015

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In celebration of London Fashion Week, we welcome you to the September 2015 edition of the Fashion update.

Fashion update – September 2015

  • Age before beauty
    The use of underage models in fashion is nothing new. You may recall that, back in the 1980s, Brooke Shields caused something of a stir when she fronted a Calvin Klein campaign aged just 15. However, the issue has come back to the fore recently, following the appearance of a 14 year-old Israeli girl, Sofia Mechetner, in a Dior couture show in Paris this past July. [more]

  • Keeping your good name
    The English courts were recently asked to restrict fashion retailer ASOS’ use of its brand name, in particular in the context of its online trading operations as [more]

  • Private Equity Ownership: in or out of fashion?
    In July, the Financial Times announced that “Italian fashion is back in vogue with private equity”. [more]

  • Who needs a personal shopper…I have my iPhone!
    Last year, Regent Street was the first street in Europe to adopt Beacon technology in each of its stores. Retailers, airports and shopping centres are increasingly adopting this evolving technology. [more]

  • Breaking good
    Properly activating a break clause in a lease is a hugely important exercise for any business. Break clauses may seem easy to operate, but they can be full of hidden traps which, if missed by the unwary, may lead to the lease not, in fact, being broken, thereby leaving the tenant liable for the rent due during the remainder of the full term.

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