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Money, money, money: It’s a rich man’s world!

Joshua Bennett |

In February 2018, the National Crime Agency (NCA) successfully obtained two Unexplained Wealth Orders (UWO) on properties in the UK – one in the exclusive Knightsbridge area of London and the second, a golf course in Berkshire, collectively worth £22 million. The first target of the UWOs challenged the UWOs on a variety of grounds […]

Concurrent delay revisited


In its recent decision in the North Midland[1]case, the Court of Appeal upheld a contractual provision that would mean that the contractor was not entitled to an extension of time to the completion date for any period of concurrent delay for which the contractor was responsible.  It would be unsurprising if contract draughtsmen took this […]

The end of “smash and grab”? Not so fast…

Christian Charles, Tim Reinhard |

“We are all trying to hack out a pathway through a dense thicket of amended legislation, burgeoning case law and ever-changing standard form contracts.” Sir Rupert Jackson, S&T (UK) Ltd v Grove Developments Ltd [2018] EWCA Civ 2448 In a highly anticipated and significant judgment, the Court of Appeal has upheld the decision of Coulson […]

Industry 4.0 – from procurement challenge to opportunity


For decades, modern methods of construction, including off-site, have been seen as the future of the industry. Yet, perhaps because of the stigma of low quality construction from the 1940s and 1950s when the focus was on quantity rather than quality, that vision was never really embraced. Now there are signs that industry is making […]

Tenants’ top tips on telecommunications

Madeleine Goward |

Gone are the days of communicating via smoke signals and carrier pigeons.  Billions of emails are sent every day. Telecommunications is therefore of vital importance to most, if not all, 21st century businesses. Many tenants’ focus is therefore on their ability to extend the telecommunications services at their premises. Broadly speaking, tenants are in a […]

Fladgate acts for Zouk Capital and 83North on $50m funding for workable technology

Graham Spitz, Yulia Leyko |

Leading UK law firm Fladgate has advised private equity firms Zouk Capital and 83North in relation to their participation in a $50M Series C round of funding in relation to Workable Technology Limited. Workable Technology, a leading recruitment automation platform for SMBs, will use the funding to further develop their technology and enhance their product […]

CMA decision on Heathrow Airport lease agreement infringement published

Alex Haffner |

As previously reported (‘Restrictions in lease agreements: Competition law matters’) Heathrow Airport (HAL) recently found itself in the cross-hairs of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) for having breached the competition law rules.  HAL was held to have included provisions in its head lease agreements with the hotel operator Arora which restricted Arora’s freedom to […]

ARGOS aggro: UK infringement issues arising from US advertising site

Eddie Powell |

The Court of Appeal for England and Wales was asked to consider a case where two companies were using the same name in different territories, both legitimately, but one decided to exploit traffic mistakenly hitting its website by using targeted ads[1] The dispute involved two businesses who shared the “Argos” name, but on different sides […]

Trimming away at online sales bans: the Stihl case

Ben Milloy, Alex Haffner |

In 2017, the Court of Justice of the European Union’s decision in Coty delivered a boost for brand owners wishing to control, via selective distribution arrangements, the e-commerce platforms through which their products were sold to consumers (see ‘Coty scents competition law victory for brand owners’).  In its judgment the ECJ said that it could […]

Most Favoured Nations clauses back in the regulatory spotlight

Alex Haffner, Eddie Powell |

Last week the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) announced was minded to find against ComparetheMarket (CtM) (the company that increased our knowledge of meerkats) for enforcing “most favoured nation” clauses with home insurers that are anti-competitive.  If upheld, the CMA’s provisional ruling will result in the offending clauses being declared void and CtM could be […]