GDPR – what happens after Brexit?

31 January 2020

Will the GDPR still apply in the UK post-Brexit? The short answer is yes – once the UK exits the EU at 23:00 on 31 January 2020, all EU laws, including the GDPR, will automatically become part of UK domestic law due to the provisions of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018. As many GDPR […]

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How could Brexit impact commercial contracts between businesses?

27 January 2020

After years of discussions, the UK is set to formally leave the EU on 31 January 2020 (Brexit).  Although the UK will cease to be an EU member from this date, the trading relationship between the UK and the EU member states will remain until 31 December 2020 (Transition Period).  Businesses have been considering the […]

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Heading for a Hard Brexit? Thoughts for the Facilities Management Outsourcing sector

25 June 2019

It is the last week of June 2019. The UK referendum took place three years ago in June 2016. In March the following year, Prime Minister May wrote to Donald Tusk triggering the Article 50 process and the UK looked set to leave the EU on 29 March 2019. The date was enshrined in law […]

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Frustrated by Brexit?

19 March 2019

Whatever your views on Brexit and whether the UK should leave or remain and on what terms, Brexit seems a source of frustration for many people.  The question that the court had to decide was: can a contract be frustrated because of Brexit? 

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Irish Backstop and Unilateral Withdrawal

14 March 2019

Last night an arcane legal issue floated to the surface amid chaotic political scenes in the House of Commons. Corporate partner Charles Proctor provides an overview in his latest blog post.

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Brexit – “No deal”, no bread, no drugs, no treat-ies

5 February 2019

Much of the law regulating family arrangements, Children Orders, Financial Orders, and indeed Divorces themselves are contained within EU law. If that ceases to apply it is important to consider, that urgent steps may need to be taken, or at least considered prior to the exit day.

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Time to send the family wealth on a foreign holiday?

22 January 2019

Taking your family wealth on a foreign holiday always sounds more glamorous than staying at home and doing a bit of housekeeping. Helena Luckhurst, Private Wealth Partner at Fladgate, encourages you to think about your assets.

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Will Brexit affect the validity of a contractual English law clause?

7 December 2018

Alexander Wildschütz’s post considers the impact that Brexit may have on the validity of a contractual English law clause.

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“No-deal Brexit: civil and commercial cooperation” guidance published by the Law Society

7 December 2018

Last month the Law Society published guidance for solicitors, concerning civil and commercial cooperation between the UK and EU member states in the event of a “no deal” Brexit.

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Brexit and Data Protection

6 December 2018

In amongst all the uncertainties of Brexit, the good (or bad, depending on your outlook) news is that GDPR will definitely still apply in UK, as part of our domestic law, for the foreseeable future, whatever happens.

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