Frustrated by Brexit?

19 March 2019

Whatever your views on Brexit and whether the UK should leave or remain and on what terms, Brexit seems a source of frustration for many people.  The question that the court had to decide was: can a contract be frustrated because of Brexit? 

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Will Brexit affect the validity of a contractual English law clause?

7 December 2018

Alexander Wildschütz’s post considers the impact that Brexit may have on the validity of a contractual English law clause.

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Brexit for business

23 November 2017

The United Kingdom continues to be a member of the EU as well as the Common Market and the Customs Union. This situation will persist at least until the end of March 2019, i.e. the end of the two year negotiation period stipulated by Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon which governs the withdrawal […]

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Brexit – Einige praktische Hinweise

23 November 2017

Das Vereinigte Königreich ist weiterhin Mitglied der EU, des Gemeinsamen Marktes und der Zollunion. Dies wird mindestens bis Ende März 2019, dem Ende der zweijährigen Verhandlungsperiode gemäß Artikel 50 des Vertrag von Lissabon, unverändert bleiben. Von daher sind noch keine Änderungen am rechtlichen oder regulatorischen Rahmen für hier ansässige oder tätige Unternehmen eingetreten. Es ist […]

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Brexit and planning for the unknown in IT

31 October 2017

As is beginning to become apparent, Brexit has wide-ranging consequences in many commercial and business areas. This is equally true in the sphere of data protection, where much of the applicable legislation has developed at an EU level. This is readily understandable, given (i) the wide-ranging technological advances that have occurred since the UK joined […]

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Seminar: Next Station Brexit – Mind the Gap

24 October 2017

3 November 2017 Wherever you stand on the issue itself, what happens (or doesn’t happen) on Brexit day will affect every business in the UK. Although some margins have come under pressure and some projects been shelved, the 250 Austrian subsidiaries in the UK have so far mostly adopted a “keep calm and carry on” […]

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Seminar: Brexit – Planning for the Unknown

9 May 2017

Tuesday 9 May 2017 The UK Government finally delivered its Article 50 notice to the European Council on 29 March. The contents of that letter created much disagreement across the continent almost as soon as it was taken out of the envelope. The prospects for a harmonious two-year negotiation period are therefore rather slim. But […]

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Brexit and European legal transactions – Keep calm and carry on

29 June 2016

On 23 June 2016, voters in the United Kingdom opted to leave the European Union. Although a referendum is not constitutionally binding, the Prime Minister has announced that he will respect the result and clear the way to withdrawal from the EU treaties under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. In contrast to what was […]

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Brexit und der europäische Rechtsverkehr

27 June 2016

Am 23. Juni 2016 haben sich die Wähler im Vereinigten Königreich dafür ausgesprochen, die Europäische Union zu verlassen. Obwohl ein Volksentscheid verfassungsrechtlich nicht verbindlich ist, hat Premierminister David Cameron angekündigt, dass er das Ergebnis respektieren und den Weg zur Aufkündigung der europäischen Verträge nach Artikel 50 des Vertrages von Lissabon freiräumen wird. Anders als ursprünglich […]

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BREXIT – where next for your business?

7 June 2016

Our March briefing on Brexit examined some of the “macro” issues arising from the Government’s renegotiated deal with the European Union. It also examined some of the options for a post-Brexit deal. With the referendum date now fast approaching, the attached briefing considers the implications of Brexit for selected business lines and the extent to […]

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