Time to send the family wealth on a foreign holiday?

22 January 2019

Taking your family wealth on a foreign holiday always sounds more glamorous than staying at home and doing a bit of housekeeping. Helena Luckhurst, Private Wealth Partner at Fladgate, encourages you to think about your assets.

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Brexit and family law – the painful divorce?

8 December 2017

Within the UK we have three distinct jurisdictions: England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Each has its own legal principles and jurisprudence in the field of family law (albeit with some commonality).  Put this against the background of approximately 3 million EU citizens living in the UK and approximately 1 million British citizens living […]

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Brexit exits – don’t get caught out by the IHT deemed domiciled rules

30 June 2016

Brexit uncertainties may be giving fresh impetus to many UK resident non-UK domiciliaries who are thinking about their residency plans. However, for res non-doms, it’s important not to lose sight of another key tax change now on the horizon – the change in the Inheritance Tax (IHT) deemed domiciled rules. A person is deemed domiciled […]

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