Brexit: Possibly still coming… What does this mean for aircraft lessors?

5 June 2019

We still do not know whether there will be a deal or not.  If there is a “no deal Brexit”, English judgments will no longer be automatically recognised and enforced in other EU countries.

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Frustrated by Brexit?

18 March 2019

Whatever your views on Brexit and whether the UK should leave or remain and on what terms, Brexit seems a source of frustration for many people.  The question that the court had to decide was: can a contract be frustrated because of Brexit? 

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Brexit: Coming soon… What does it mean for aircraft lessors?

4 February 2019

With so many leasing companies choosing English law and jurisdiction, what does Brexit mean for aircraft lessors?

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“No-deal Brexit: civil and commercial cooperation” guidance published by the Law Society

6 December 2018

Last month the Law Society published guidance for solicitors, concerning civil and commercial cooperation between the UK and EU member states in the event of a “no deal” Brexit.

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How will the disputes battleground change after Brexit?

10 September 2018

As the deadline of 11.00 p.m. on 29 March 2019 creeps up on us, we wait nervously to find out if we will get “no deal”, a “bad deal” or the elusive “good deal”. We provide an update on the current proposals by the UK Government relating to legal disputes.

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Are we running out of time to agree cross-border judicial cooperation post-Brexit?

14 March 2018

The answer, according to the European Parliament’s recent report on the impact of Brexit on freedom, security and justice, is “yes”. The report notes the wide-ranging implications for individuals and businesses with commercial or personal ties to the UK and any other EU member state who are facing uncertainty over cooperation between the UK and […]

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