Every little doesn’t always help

18 December 2019

Tesco has recently failed in its attempt to strike out claims by investors seeking to recover losses in respect of their investment decisions to buy and sell shares in Tesco, which the Claimants claimed were made in reliance on untrue or misleading information published by the supermarket chain.

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A Blow for Lloyds Shareholders

25 November 2019

Mr Justice Morgan dismissed an action by a group of 5,803 former Lloyds shareholders (the “Claimants”) in Sharp v Blank . The Claimants claimed that the Lloyds directors acted negligently in recommending the acquisition of HBOS – a bank burdened with bad mortgages.

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A Good Day for Group Actions

15 November 2019

The Court of Appeal (CA) judgment in Richard Lloyd v Google is a game-changer for group litigation. It discusses the circumstances in which a claim can be brought by way of representative action, particularly where there has been a data privacy breach.

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Swipe Again – Supreme Court to hear MasterCard Appeal

19 September 2019

This summer the Supreme Court confirmed it would hear Mastercard’s appeal of the long running consumer rights claim brought by Walker Merricks, with an estimated value of £14 billion. This will represent the final showdown that will hopefully provide much needed clarity on the future of UK group actions.

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