Don’t Be Late! Court finds a genuine mistake is no justification

16 January 2019

In a timeous reminder of the importance of adhering to court deadlines, in BMCE Bank International Plc v Phoenix Commodities PVT Ltd & Anor the court refused an application for relief from sanctions where a costs budget was served late a consequence of which the defaulting party was to be limited to only recovering court fees in the event of success at trial. This was despite an undertaking by the defaulting party’s solicitors to cover both parties’ costs on an indemnity basis for the CCMC and a further CCMC if required, regardless of the outcome of those hearings.

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The appeal of being prepared to appeal

10 September 2018

In harassment proceedings brought against the Daily Mail by Zipporah Lisle-Mainwaring in connection with her red and white candy stripe coloured house, the Court of Appeal highlights the importance of following procedure when applying for permission to appeal.

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