Jingle Regulation

7 December 2018

The UK’s data protection enforcement body, the ICO, has published an article on “Sleigh-ing the Christmas GDPR myths”.  As they say, the last thing they want is Santa to be reported to the IC-Ho-Ho-Ho!

So the article sets the record straight on some pretty crazy “rules” that have been blamed on GDPR, such as:

  • Children can’t write public letters to Santa, as their parents’ permission will be needed.
  • You can’t contact parents to tell them what stall they will be running at the school Xmas Fair because you don’t have their express consent
  • You can’t give a delivery driver directions to someone else’s home
  • Christmas cards are banned if you don’t have the recipients’ consent

To be a bit ‘bah humbug’ about it, the only one to watch out for is the last one, if you’re sending corporate Christmas cards; that would count as direct marketing, so make sure the recipient has not requested no marketing.

Full ICO article can be found at https://ico.org.uk/about-the-ico/news-and-events/news-and-blogs/2018/12/sleigh-ing-the-christmas-gdpr-myths/

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