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24 July 2013

Those of you that know me and my technological shortcomings will no doubt be amazed that I have started a blog. So, why am I posting?

The short answer is – wealth lawyers need to communicate more. Yes, really!

As a private wealth lawyer, I meet a lot of people from many different walks of life. Many share the same desire – to protect and look after the wealth that they’ve worked hard to acquire, for the benefit of their family, friends or causes close to their heart. However, I know from the families that I have assisted over the years that ignorance of the law and how it applies to a family’s wealth can be bad news indeed – unexpected tax bills can arise, threats to family wealth are missed, or assets do not get transferred as planned after a death occurs. Often, these problems could be avoided if only the family had been more conversant with the law.

There is a real need for a user-friendly dissemination of information about how the law works in this area. And that is what this blog is all about. Those of us who practise in this area, be we lawyers, accountants, bankers or wealth managers, are bombarded with briefing notes and updates on developments in the law on a regular basis, many of them excellent. This blog is not meant to be an even briefer briefing note! It has one purpose – to provide you with ‘news you can use’. A concise insight into a practical application of the law – for you, and your clients if you practise in this area.

I won’t be covering every development as it comes along (how many hours in the day do you have to read a blog?!). However, anything that I do cover will have a comment on ‘what this means for you’, so hopefully you can decide whether you are affected or not.

So watch this space and, if you like the sound of the above, sign up to be alerted to my latest post.

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