The curious incident of the trust (and) the matrimonial property regime

31 October 2013

Estate planners may dismiss the recently reported Court of Appeal case of Slutsker* v Haron Investments Ltd & Another ([2013] EWCA Civ 430) as one for divorce lawyers only. However, for anyone engaged in setting up trusts or other wealth structuring vehicles, the case is an intriguing one. The facts; in brief. In 2000, with […]

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What do SKI-ing and Inheritance Tax have in common?

17 October 2013

On a week’s escape from the office recently, I had the pleasure of residing at a rather swanky Yorkshire hotel for a few days. I was enjoying the novelty of a leisurely read of the paper over breakfast when I found my attention drawn to a conversation ensuing offstage left. A lady was regaling her […]

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A ‘how to’ for attorneys and deputies

3 October 2013

When a person loses capacity to look after their UK situated assets, usually someone has to assume responsibility for their management. The well advised have often made an Enduring Power of Attorney, or nowadays, a Lasting Power of Attorney naming someone they trust to act as their attorney. For everyone else, there’s the Court of […]

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