The insider’s guide to English Pre-Nuptial Agreements

25 June 2015

English pre-nups (PNAs) are now an important consideration for families intent on protecting the family wealth, thanks to the 2010 case of Radmacher v Granatino. Whilst PNAs do not oust the jurisdiction of the English court to have the final say in the matter, they can be determinative when it comes to splitting up wealth […]

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Pre-Owned Assets Tax: the forgotten tax

11 June 2015

Pre-Owned Assets Tax (POAT) was introduced in the Finance Act 2004. Ten years is a long time but, when it comes to tax statute, ‘age cannot wither her’. This tax has teeth and is capable of biting, not with a tax bill after death, like Inheritance Tax, but, worse, with an annual Income Tax charge […]

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