Event: Investing in the UK – Immigration and Tax considerations for HNWIs

27 March 2018

Date: Tuesday 24 April 2018 08.00 – 10.00 Following the initial shock of the outcome of the EU referendum in June 2016, confidence about the UK’s future is slowly returning. As this continues, HNWIs from outside the EU are again looking to the UK as a destination of choice for investment and ultimately settlement for […]

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Trusts v FICs: which is best?

15 March 2018

Is a company or a trust the best vehicle to hold family money? Companies can be used to hold family wealth. Often referred to as Family Investment Companies (FICs), at their simplest they can be seeded with funds by subscribing for shares or, if continued access to family wealth is needed, by way of loan […]

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Unexplained Wealth Orders – force for good or snoopers’ charter?

1 March 2018

Unexplained Wealth Orders (UWOs) are a new tool in the armoury of the UK Government, designed to disrupt the entry of the proceeds of crime into the mainstream economy. From 31 January 2018, UWOs can be issued by the English High Court to enforcement authorities (including HMRC) in respect of (i) non-EU Politically Exposed Persons […]

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