Route to Partnership

We decided many years ago to introduce a transparent and largely measurable system that would link with our lawyers’ annual reviews.  The Route to Partnership, which is available to the whole firm on our intranet, lets people know where they stand, and helps with their career development.

We have written criteria for Senior Associates (our most senior category of lawyer before entering the partnership, who are recognised as having the potential to become a partner) and for each of the tiers of our all equity partnership – Junior Equity Partner, Equity Partner, Advanced Equity Partner and Senior Equity Partner.  The criteria are layered, with greater achievements needed in order to gain each promotion.

We require certain attributes of all our partners, and candidates for all categories of partnership will be judged against these, although not all will be applicable to each candidate:

  • commitment to our business
  • work generation
  • legal skills
  • financial performance
  • client care
  • quality management
  • marketing and business development
  • people performance, including coaching and managing others
  • work handling, including successful delegation and a willingness to undertake work for others
  • potential as a leader and manager
  • reputation within and outside the firm
  • commanding the respect of colleagues
  • being a custodian of the firm’s values and standards.

These are at the heart of the Route to Partnership, which sets out in some detail what is expected at (and required to achieve) each level of partnership.