Insights: Coronavirus (COVID-19) - March 2020

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Coronavirus and the hotel industry: actions taken by brand owners and key considerations for hotel owners

Michelle Waknine, Eddie Powell |

The recent outbreak of coronavirus has had devastating effects on the UK’s hotel and hospitality industry. As of 23 March 2020, the UK government has ordered closure of all hotels, hostels, B&Bs, campsites and boarding houses for commercial use, citing the following exceptions: where people live in these as interim abodes whilst their primary residence […]

Leases in the time of Coronavirus: the Coronavirus Act 2020 and Residential Tenancies

Kirsty Smith |

The Coronavirus Act 2020 (“the Act”) received Royal Assent on 25 March 2020, meaning that it is now in force. The Act will have implications on a landlord’s ability to obtain possession of residential property. We summarise here the Act’s implications for residential tenancies. Notice Periods and Possession Proceedings The Act extends the notice period […]

Leases in the time of Coronavirus: frustration, force majeure, rent cesser and liabilities

Nick Wood |

Writing an article about Coronavirus (or Covid-19) and leases is causing me a degree of trepidation. I am aware that the situation around us is developing so rapidly that this article may well be out of date by the time it goes to print. I am also aware that a lot of ink has been […]

Edtech - finding a way to lead students through the Covid-19 crisis and beyond

Alex Haffner, Tim Wright, Ravi Goonesena, James Earl |

Schools, universities and other educational providers, as well as students and their families, are facing serious disruption resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. The EdTech sector already offers a vast array of possible solutions. To harness this potential in the medium-longer term, it is clear that suppliers need to be able to rise to the challenges […]

COVID-19: Assessing and managing the impact on supply chain contracts

Tim Wright, Jan Hoppe, Thomas Edwards, Yasmin Daswani |

The COVID-19 situation is rapidly evolving. As countries around the world act to try and stem the contagion, businesses face serious disruption to their supply chains. In recent years, supply chains have become increasingly global, frequently supporting just-in-time and similar manufacturing techniques, and are often complex with component parts crossing borders at various stages of […]

COVID-19: What do the global travel restrictions mean for you?

Helen Cox, Anna Pearson-Freeland |

As a result of Covid-19, extensive travel restrictions have been imposed globally and individuals everywhere are being told to self-isolate at home. For some of our clients, this may have an impact on their UK residence days for the current tax year under the UK statutory residence test. The UK uses the statutory residence test […]

Guidance on Cash Management

Nadia Osborne, Ben Drew |

The Fladgate Insolvency and Restructuring team have been advising clients with the understandable desire to conserve cash. If not handled correctly, your efforts to negotiate terms with suppliers and staff could in fact increase the liabilities of the business, restrict the company’s ability to oppose a winding up petition and leave you personally exposed for […]

COVID-19: Immigration Update

Kelly Whiter, Sophie Spector |

Yesterday, 24 March 2020, the Home Office released additional guidance for UK visa applicants and temporary UK residents affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Whilst on first review this was good news for some, there are still many issues which remain unaddressed and queries regarding the implementation of these provisions which will need to be […]

COVID-19: UK Government Assistance Programme

Anthony Shatz |

The Covid-19 situation is rapidly evolving throughout the UK. In order to assist businesses and their employees, the Government has introduced various schemes in the form of loans, grants and referrals to alleviate pressures over the forthcoming months. Corporate partner, Anthony Shatz, provides a concise summary and analysis of each of the available schemes here. […]

Direct marketing during Covid-19? Remember the privacy regulations!

Ben Milloy |

As companies scramble to adjust to the new reality of trading in a socially-distanced world, many have wanted to get the message out to their customers that it is “business as usual” (or as near-to as possible). In such unprecedented times (and encouraged by such consumer-targeted emails they may have received over recent days), businesses […]

COVID-19: Time to review your outsourced Managed Security Services arrangements

Tim Wright |

Even before the current pandemic, as enterprises have adopted techniques and practices such as digital transformation, cloud and mobility, they have faced an increased risk from a range of established and emerging cybersecurity threats, such phishing attacks which seek to introduce malware capable of compromising sensitive business information, ransomware and other fraud campaigns. The risk […]