Insights: Coronavirus (COVID-19) - September 2020

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Covid-19 – Landlord remedies: What now?

Rachael Studman |

Seven months into the Coronavirus pandemic, it is almost certainly safe to say that both landlords and tenants have become well acquainted with the restrictions aimed at protecting tenants struggling to pay their rent. The legislation which was hurriedly introduced following lockdown has left landlords with their hands metaphorically tied, taking away the array of […]

Consumer rights during a pandemic: how do UK events companies navigate the evolving COVID-19 restrictions?

Alexandra Cooke |

In my previous article on this topic, I looked at the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) guidance on consumer rights where private events, such as weddings, were cancelled due to the original lockdown laws (introduced in late March 2020). However, since the lockdown rules were relaxed in July 2020, certain private events booked before late […]