Insights: Legal Updates - May 2011

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Convincing tribunals that retirement is justified


Employers have in the past been able to use a compulsory retirement age, quite legitimately, to manage changing needs. When the Age Regulations 2006 came in, employers were still able to retire employees at 65 because of the existence of the statutory default retirement age (DRA). However, the DRA was abolished from 6 April 2011. […]

Going for broke


Adjudication can help companies’ cashflow, but what happens in cases of insolvency when there is no cash to flow? There’s no point winning an adjudication if the other party can’t be made to comply with the decision. The robust approach taken by the Technology and Construction Court to enforcing adjudicators’ decisions has made it a […]

The three little words that every lawyer wants to hear

Eddie Powell |

No, we don’t expect our clients to tell us they love us! But we do love it when clients use “subject to contract” in their negotiations. A recent case in the UK Court of Appeal, Immingham Storage Co Ltd v Clear plc, highlights the court’s willingness to enforce a contract where all essential terms have […]