Insights: Legal Updates - July 2011

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A matter of corporate life and death

Gillian Birkby |

Breaking health and safety law is no longer just a possible matter of life and death for individuals – it can be fatal for companies too. The courts have sent a clear signal that they are prepared to put companies out of business if they are convicted of causing death by breaching health and safety […]

Get the hang of it

Roy Perrott |

Flying freeholds are a quirk of English land law, arising where one freehold property overhangs or projects under another. They can jeopardise development, prevent repairs and make a property difficult to fund. The existence of a flying freehold often emerges late in the day, when insurance is the only realistic, but unsatisfactory, solution. The oddest […]

Bordering on a fine


There are few issues in the United Kingdom that create more political debate and press comment than immigration. Over recent years, immigration legislation has been heavily amended and, most recently, caps have been placed on the total number of non-EU workers that can be employed in any year. One of the inevitable consequences of the […]

Whiff of victory

Gillian Birkby |

When is a nuisance really just part of the normal give and take of modern life? Can an action in nuisance even be brought when a situation is also covered by the terms of an environmental permit? This was the difficult question addressed in the recent case of Derrick Barr vs Biffa Waste. It was […]