Insights: Legal Updates - October 2011

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Res Nullius?


When and where I studied law, the Roman Law course was compulsory. In retrospect, all I got from it was a collection of Latin legal terms. The use of legal Latin became politically incorrect in the 1990s, culminating in the Civil Procedure Rules, which even changed “writ” to “claim form“. Perhaps a new generation of […]

Props in the Galaxy

Eddie Powell |

In 1976 a struggling art school graduate called Andrew Ainsworth was asked to give a visual dimension to the drawings and paintings of an artist, Ralph McQuarrie, which had been drawn to give effect to George Lucas’s Imperial Stormtroopers, one of the most memorable images of the Star Wars films. Ainsworth produced several prototype vacuum […]

Agreement between Switzerland and the UK on co-operation in the area of taxation


The text of an agreement between the Swiss Confederation and the UK on co-operation in the area of taxation has just been published, in the two official languages of English and French. The agreement has not yet come into force – it will be debated in Parliament in both countries.The objective of the agreement is […]

Introduction of .xxx websites - protecting your brand

Eddie Powell |

This year sees the introduction of “adult” website domain names, with a “.xxx” suffix (or TLD) (as opposed to the usual .com, etc.). This new TLD is designed for the adult industry, but trademark owners that are not in the adult industry can apply to block the registration of .xxx domain names that correspond […]

Levelling the playing field

Eddie Powell |

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) today gave its judgment in cases brought by the FA Premier League (FAPL) and its licensing partners against the sellers and users of satellite TV decoder cards shipped from Greece to the UK and used in British pubs to screen live Premier League games. The ECJ, in a sweeping […]