Insights: Legal Updates - January 2013

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Shares for rights and the employee shareholder

Mike Tremeer |

In October 2012 George Osborne announced plans to introduce a new type of employment status: the “employee shareholder”. The proposal is set to be introduced in April 2013 and will enable companies to offer, and in some cases require, employees to enter into a specific contract of employment in which they waive a number of […]

Pay up! - New rules on commercial contract payment terms

Alan Wetterhahn, Eddie Powell |

By 16 March of this year, the UK must implement an EU Directive (1) which sets out tighter rules about what payment terms can be agreed between parties to a commercial (or B2B) contract, such as supply of goods or provision of services. This is aimed at tackling the problem for SMEs caused by public […]

Change of use and Community Infrastructure Levy


It has been just over a year since the first council started charging Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), the charge levied by councils on development to raise funds for infrastructure by imposing a charge per square metre of development. After a slow start, there are still only half a dozen councils charging CIL. This includes Mayoral […]

Not such a sweet outcome for popcorn plant

Gillian Birkby, David Baverstock |

In August 2012, the Court of Appeal heard a case between the sweet manufacturer Trebor Basset (part of the Cadbury group) and ADT Fire and Security. Trebor had a popcorn plant where corn was popped in pans of oil before being transported to a hopper for packaging. Trebor instructed ADT to design and install a […]

Nowhere to hide

Sophia Purkis |

Case law shows that anonymous internet users have no hiding place, says Sophia Purkis. The growth of business conducted electronically has provided those with an eye to innovative commercial development with enormous opportunities. It has also created new challenges for those involved in the prosecution of civil wrongs. The courts have recently re-affirmed that they […]