Insights: Legal Updates - September 2013

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Listing in London - how to solve the settlement issue

Avram Kelman, Paul Airley |

Many foreign companies find the London Stock Exchange an appropriate place to come to for the purposes of raising capital and increasing the visibility of their companies. There is an easily overlooked but critical point that has to be considered when listing in London – the electronic settlement system by which shares on the London […]

Succession planning for EU residents: a major development

Helena Luckhurst |

A mini revolution is about to take place in the world of Will drafting for EU residents, including British nationals owning assets on the Continent. It’s all because of the EU Succession Regulation (Brussels IV), due to come into force for the most part in August 2015. The Regulation aims to cut the cost and […]

A dress code is justified if standards are slipping


We have never before had a written dress code policy but, perhaps due to the extremely hot summer, standards seem to have dropped recently and it has prompted more than the odd comment from clients. How should we go about implementing a dress code policy without causing upset to people who have become accustomed to […]

An effective response to fraud in your business

Sophia Purkis |

What should firms think about if they are unfortunate enough to fall victim to fraud? This article focuses on some key issues, including evidence gathering, civil recovery, reporting obligations and reputation management. First, an example of fraud from the legal industry. Although lawyers may well stand somewhere between estate agents and MPs in terms of […]

Stalled construction projects: can tenants cancel agreements for lease?

Gillian Birkby |

If a construction project stalls for lack of funding, can the proposed tenant cancel the agreement for lease? The answer to this question is not straightforward and the cost of getting it wrong and terminating without legal justification is very high. The court recently had an opportunity to consider this point and provided some useful […]