Insights: Legal Updates - August 2014

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How to prepare for a dawn raid


Size and reputation mean little when an unannounced inspection (or a dawn raid, as they are commonly known) is conducted by a regulatory authority. Often, it will signal the start of protracted proceedings against an organisation, which can cause disruption and distress to the business and individuals alike. Preparation is key. Whilst it will never […]

London's soaring retail property fortunes


It is fair to say that the UK high street has taken a bit of a battering over the past few years. It has been reported that one in six shops across the UK lies empty. A number of household names have vanished and demand for the resulting vacant premises has been low. The market […]

Lucian Freud's 'secret will'

Helena Luckhurst |

A court case over the £42 million residuary estate of the painter Lucian Freud has resulted in its true recipients remaining a closely guarded secret, despite the fact that his will was made public when it was proved at the Probate Registry. So how was this feat achieved and, for anyone not wanting the world […]

Ignorance is bliss

Gillian Birkby |

Where one judge may find that wording is ambiguous, another three (more senior) may find that it is crystal clear. This arose in a case in which extensive works had been carried out in the home of Mr and Mrs West. The work was defective, the contractor became insolvent and the Wests sued the architect. […]

New UK legislation to amend design right law

Eddie Powell |

The Intellectual Property Act 2014 has now been passed and should come into force in stages, commencing 1 October 2014. Some of its provisions are relevant to the fashion industry. The law in this area is far from being “user friendly”, with four types of protection for designs: UK or the entire EU; registered or […]