Insights: Legal Updates - September 2014

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The new CDM regulations - what can we expect?

Gillian Birkby |

While the construction industry has been dealing with the recession (too many people, not enough work) and now the recovery from the recession (not enough people, not enough bricks) the Health and Safety Executive has been busy thinking how it might improve the CDM regulations. As a result of the recession, the HSE has suffered […]

Family businesses and pre-emption rights: a trap for the unwary

Helena Luckhurst |

Business owners are a notoriously busy lot. Trying to get them to put wills in place can require persistence on the part of the adviser. However, care is needed when making wills for business owners as getting the will in place, on its own, may not be enough. Trouble can ensue when the share transfer […]

Choosing trustees? Not so fast!

Helena Luckhurst |

What is the key decision which repays very careful thought when setting up a trust or a will containing a trust? Is it who can benefit from the trust (the beneficiaries)? Of course, that is very important. Or whether it is a fixed interest or a discretionary trust? Absolutely, money in the right hands at […]

Scotland: Currency & Constitution

Charles Proctor |

Fladgate has taken a close interest in the legal issues that will arise if Scotland becomes an independent nation. Our previous offerings on this subject include "Scotland and Independence – currency, banking and financial Issues" (April 2013) and "Scotland – a sterling nation?" (February 2014). However, the referendum date – 18 September – is now […]

Japanese Knotweed – what's the problem?

Ben Milloy |

Japanese knotweed was originally imported from Japan as an ornamental plant, admired for its attractive white flowers. The plant’s aesthetic qualities, however, have long been overshadowed by its reputation as an invasive and destructive species, which can outmuscle other vegetation and cause serious structural damage to buildings. In view of its possible impact on a […]