Insights: Legal Updates - November 2014

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Letter of credit injunctions


The Privy Council has ruled on an appeal from the Mauritian Court of Appeal which granted an injunction to prevent a bank from paying out under a letter of credit. In Alternative Power Solution Limited v Central Electricity Board [2014] UKPC 31, the bank had issued a letter of credit setting out documents required to […]

Look out for Lockouts


As the property market again witnesses ever-increasing property prices, ‘lock out agreements’ (or ‘exclusivity agreements’ as they are often called) are becoming more and more prevalent. But are they worth it? In a buoyant market one danger to buyers is that once an offer has been accepted, the buyer must begin the time consuming and […]

Manage, not eliminate, risk


Autumn always reminds me of a case some years ago; a council was considering felling some horse chestnut trees because the conkers could make pedestrians slip, or children could suffer serious head injuries if the sticks they used to dislodge them meant the conkers landed on their heads. This is the kind of approach that […]

Warburg confirms independence


My daily walks between station and office take me past the Warburg Institute, housed in a drab 1950s building in Woburn Square. My knowledge of the Institute was until now limited to a vague recollection that the disgraced art historian and Soviet spy Sir Anthony Blunt had the title of Warburg Institute Professor. I could […]

German lawyers cause damage in Germany


An English broker of derivative investments has brought a claim against a German law firm, claiming that the firm wrongfully induced the broker’s clients to breach their contracts by persuading them to bring claims against the brokers in Germany in breach of exclusive jurisdiction clauses in favour of the English court. The broker claimed that […]

Are employees and workers entitled to overtime pay when on holiday?

Mike Tremeer |

An important judgment was issued yesterday by the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) which could have significant financial consequences for any business that offers paid overtime or makes other regular payments to its workforce. Previously, the practice operated by most employers has been not to include overtime pay, commission, travel allowances and other “non-basic salary” payments […]

Clear contracts are vital for long supplier deals


It has been said that success in construction is no longer a question of contractor competing against contractor, but supply chain against supply chain. Proactive management of long-term supplier relationships is becoming more important than ever. This trend is being supported by the increased use of agreements to regulate long-term supplier relationships, with strategic partnering […]