Insights: Legal Updates - February 2016

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Excessive service charges and how to dispute them


Retail shops obtain a number of benefits from taking premises which are within a shopping centre or on a section of high street where one landlord is the owner of a number of neighbouring premises. In particular it often means that the responsibility for providing services, including the maintenance and repair of the common areas, […]

Modern slavery in fashion retail supply chains - what do you need to do?


Do you know where that dress came from? While a garment’s label is likely to set out the country in which the item was made, consumers have traditionally had very little visibility over the actual hands sewing their clothes. Last week H&M and Next both admitted to sacking a supplier after finding Syrian refugee children […]

ACCORD and discord

Alexander Wildschütz |

Clothing retailers are subject to ever increasing scrutiny from consumers over the working practices and conditions in which their products are being produced, in particular in respect of goods which are manufactured in low-cost locations. In December 2015, Primark hit the headlines when a shopper reported finding a note in a pair of socks which […]

How can fashion’s greatest designers find a work-life balance?


The surprise departure of Raf Simons, the acclaimed Belgian designer, from Christian Dior late last year, reminded us of the pressure placed upon those who are charged with coming up with new designs to feed the fashion industry “beast”. Simons is widely believed to have left Dior in an attempt to preserve his work-life balance. […]

Persons with Significant Control – the new requirements

Ella Leonard |

Introduction This briefing highlights company law changes which impose material new obligations on UK companies and limited liability partnerships (LLPs). The changes are also significant for those who hold interests in such entities, as they will be required to supply information to the company or LLP and, in some circumstances, there may be an impact […]

Making provision for minor children or grandchildren in your Will

Helena Luckhurst |

This note offers guidance for anyone who wants to leave assets to minor children or grandchildren in their Will. You may be content for minors to inherit relatively small amounts of money outright after your death, perhaps regardless of what age they have reached at your death. However, you may not want a minor to […]

IP housekeeping - a canter through EU reforms coming your way during 2016

Eddie Powell |

Here’s a quick “heads up” of what I see as the key reforms of IP laws in the pipeline at the European Union (EU) level that are likely to affect EU regional registrations of IP, as well as the national laws of each and every EU Member State.  You will no doubt be reading more […]

Launch of consumer-friendly EU online dispute resolution platform

Ben Milloy |

The EU Commission’s drive to encourage EU cross-border trade through increased consumer confidence took a step forward today (9 February 2016) with the operational launch of its online dispute resolution platform (ODR platform). The portal (which is accessible at the following link: is specifically designed to help consumers who have bought goods or services […]

Business as usual – Supreme Court confirms Court of Appeal decision in Marks and Spencer plc v BNP Paribas


The interpretation of tenant break clauses has always been an area where the court routinely finds in favour of upholding the exact wording in the lease, regardless of the seemingly unfair impact that this may have upon the tenant and the tenant’s business. As such the recent decision of the Supreme Court in Marks & […]

Energy Efficiency Regulations

Roy Perrott |

Since 2008, it has (subject to limited exceptions) been compulsory to supply an energy performance certificate (EPC) for any property, commercial or residential, being let or sold.  Most clients will now be familiar with the grading that EPCs confer on a property, an “A” rating being the most energy efficient and a “G” rating the […]

Taxation of residential property in the UK

John Forde |

The taxation of residential property in the UK has changed almost beyond recognition over the past few years. What were once tried and tested structures are in many cases no longer suitable. The tax consequences in any given situation are now liable to depend not only on the type of structure used but also the manner […]

Asia Pacific: Construction law update


Important construction law changes are being introduced in some Asia Pacific countries which those involved in construction projects in the region must be aware of.  The changes in certain common law jurisdictions provide additional entitlements to certain suppliers within a legislative framework. In August 2015, the Hong Kong Development Bureau’s consultation closed on the proposed […]