Insights: Legal Updates - March 2017

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Disclosure of confidential information

Sophia Purkis |

The recent case of Glenn demonstrates that while privilege and confidentiality may overlap, they are separate concepts. Confidentiality of documents, information, and witness evidence may be the source of significant dispute between litigating parties. Disclosure of confidential information was recently considered in Glenn and another v Watson and others [2016] EWHC 3259 (and associated claims). […]

There would be no fashion without immigration


With London Fashion Week having taken place last month and with the next round of shows in autumn, we need to ensure that the brightest and best global talents continue to choose the UK as their destination for growth. London Fashion Week is adored by buyers and press, with an international reputation as the most […]

Ilott v Mitson Supreme Court decision: UK testamentary freedom reasserted

Helena Luckhurst |

Last week, the Supreme Court brought to an end a 13 year legal battle over the late Mrs Jackson’s Will. The Will left virtually all of Mrs Jackson’s assets (some £480,000) to three UK charities, cutting out entirely her only child (Mrs Ilott), who was for many years estranged from her mother but who lived […]

Relying on section 49 LPA 1925 – can you be rock solid?

Gavin Whitney |

The payment of a deposit by a buyer to a seller under a contract for sale is a fundamental part of a transaction since it comprises the “consideration” that all first year law students learn is necessary – along with offer and acceptance – for the formation of a binding agreement between parties. It ensures […]

How 3D printing is changing the fabric of creative rights

Oliver Tobin, Eddie Powell |

The technology was on show at London Fashion Week — which raises the issue of design and copyright infringement After London Fashion Week last month, it was the models’ 3D printed footwear and dresses that made headlines. But as 3D printing edges towards the fashion mainstream, presenting exciting new opportunities for manufacturers and designers alike, […]

Letters of intent: Legal uncertainty vs commercial reality


Well-drafted letters of intent can be very useful for contractors, but are no substitute for a carefully negotiated and well-managed contract. Here are the main points to consider when putting together yours. In an ideal world, employers and contractors would finalise all aspects of a deal and record it in a signed contract before any […]

How to manage UK probate fee increases

Helena Luckhurst |

Currently most applications made by solicitors for a UK grant of representation for a deceased’s estate incur a flat fee of £155 payable to the Probate Registry. However, perhaps within a little over two months’ time, a grant could cost as much as £20,000! How did we get here and, more importantly, what can be […]

He who shares, wins – buying residential property


Where two or more individuals purchase residential property they have to decide whether they will hold the property as joint tenants or as tenants in common. The purpose of this article is to explain the distinction between these two options, provide some insight into the circumstances in which each may be most appropriate, and highlight […]

Going off plan


With property prices still increasing, buying “off plan” can seem like a sensible choice to many people.  Demand is high for sought after developments, such as Battersea Power Station, which sees interested buyers queuing round the block to be in with a chance of securing their piece of the newest properties in London. Not only […]

Parking charges may be even higher than you think


It is understandable that landlords aim to increase the value of their investments, and letting or licensing parking spaces is a lucrative way to do so. Letting or licensing parking spaces appears to be a straightforward matter which can be dealt with quickly, at a low cost and with a substantial return.  However, there are […]