Insights: Legal Updates - January 2018

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Your claim has been declined

Leigh Callaway |

In July 2017, the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) refused to approve the proposed £14 billion class action claim against MasterCard on behalf of 46.2 million consumers who purchased goods or services from UK businesses which accepted MasterCard between 1992 and 2008.  The claim followed on from the EU Commission finding in 2007 that MasterCard’s default […]

Morrisons held responsible for mass data breach committed by disgruntled employee

Michelle Waknine |

Morrisons face having to pay compensation to thousands of employees, following a recent decision of the High Court that the UK’s fourth largest chain of supermarkets was vicariously liable for a rogue employee leaking payroll information online. This decision follows the outcome of the first class action concerning a data breach in the UK, brought […]

Carillion creditors: urgent steps to protect your position

Jeremy Whiteson |

On 15 January 2018 Carillion PLC and a number of its subsidiary companies (Carillion) went into liquidation, with the High Court appointing the Official Receiver as liquidator and six partners of PWC as special managers. Those clients who have contracts with Carillion or who are owed money may find the following guidance useful: Check carefully […]

TV format protection - more details needed

Eddie Powell |

Introduction From Bullseye to Mastermind and from The Chase to Eggheads, it is undeniable that the public love a TV game show.  Who (in the UK) doesn’t remember Judith Keppel sensationally becoming the first winner of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?  A total of 14.9 million UK viewers (that is about a quarter of […]

Male bosses avoid being alone with women at work

Caroline Philipps |

The issue of sexual harassment in the workplace is very much in the news, following recent revelations about the mistreatment of women (in particular) in Hollywood, and now in the world of politics. However, this type of behaviour does not just occur in high-profile industries. Indeed, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development has reported […]

1 April 2018: an important day for more than just April Fools

Leanne Meredith |

April Fool’s Day 2018 will not just see the arrival of exceptionally crazy headlines in the tabloid press, but also the introduction of new rules governing the provision of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs).  EPCs are already a feature of the residential market, and will from 1 April 2018 also begin having a substantial impact upon […]

Newsflash: 20% increase in planning application fees from 17 January

Mark Harnett |

Long expected regulations to increase the fees for planning applications were made by the Government just before the Christmas break. The regulations increase the fees by approximately 20% for applications submitted from 17 January, so if you are about to submit an application it would sensible to do so by 16 January if possible. The regulations also introduce […]

Fintech regulation: Looking ahead to 2018

Charles Proctor |

2017 was an exciting year for fintech but 2018 promises to be even more eventful.  This briefing considers some of the regulatory developments that took place in 2017 and what these are likely to mean for fintech regulation in 2018. Please see link below for full briefing. Fintech regulation: Looking ahead to 2018