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Gambling update

Grant Gordon |

There are changes afoot to the UK gambling regime. We set out below a short summary of recent key changes. The Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act 2014 (Act) received Royal Assent on 14 May 2014, amending the Gambling Act 2005. Under the previous regulatory regime, remote gambling operators situated outside Great Britain were not regulated […]

CGT to be payable on non UK residents' disposals of UK residential property

Richard Kaufman, Helena Luckhurst |

In the 2013 Autumn Statement, the Chancellor announced that from April 2015, Capital Gains Tax (CGT) will apply to gains made on disposals of residential property in the UK by non UK residents as well as UK residents. The government has since issued a consultation on the subject in which it welcomes views on how […]

Construction newsletter - May 2014

Gillian Birkby |

Updates for construction professionals.

Mediation of Art Disputes


Earlier this year, my firm co-hosted a seminar with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, on the resolution of art disputes. I shared the platform with Henry Legge QC, a leading art barrister, and Sarah Charles of Christie’s. It was a great success and there was clearly a lot of interest in the mediation of art […]

Market Abuse Directive


As a result of changes that have occurred in the financial markets over recent years, it was felt the current European Market Abuse Directive (MAD) was not adequate to deal with the evolution in trading platforms. The ever growing financial market quickly outpaced MAD, which showed much promise but little effect. As an example, the […]

Letters of intent: an irresistible temptation

Gillian Birkby |

Oscar Wilde once wrote, “I can resist everything except temptation”. Not a direct quote from Mr Wilde on the importance of a signed construction contract, but it does perhaps explain the continued trend for developers and their contractors to start work quickly under the vagaries of a letter of intent (despite previous salutary tales(1)). A […]

Rights of a Commercial Agent on Termination of his Agency under English Law


This article deals with the rights of a commercial agent on termination of his or her agency under English law and considers the following issues: the definition of a commercial agent under English law; and the four rights of an agent on termination. These rights are: entitlement to unpaid commission; entitlement to minimum notice; entitlement […]

Fair GAME?

Alison Mould |

Back in 2009 landlords secured what they thought at the time was a victory over administrators. They argued, in court, that when a company went into administration, the administrator, as an expense of the administration, should be liable for the whole of a quarter’s rent if the period of the administration straddled a quarter day. […]

Telecoms and the 1984 Code: changing times


Telecoms apparatus continues to give rise to contentious issues between site providers and operators. With the increase in the personal use of digital media on smartphones and tablets, the need for sites will increase. Add to that the Government’s policy to improve the mobile phone coverage across the UK and its policy to provide high […]