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10 top tips on a residential property transaction

Claudia Carter |

Buying or selling a property can be one of life’s most difficult challenges. Whether or not you are a first time buyer or seasoned pro, the process can be stressful and throw up surprises that you did not expect. It is one of life’s adventures and challenges, where it pays to invest a little more […]

Rent-review hypothetical letting - A brief guide to making your future rent right

Roland Brandman |

Part I – What to assume You may currently have a lease, or have taken a lease in the past, with a term of 10 years or more. If so, it is very likely that the lease contains provision for the rent to be reviewed at some point (most likely at the end of the/every […]

Direct marketing during Covid-19? Remember the privacy regulations!

Ben Milloy |

As companies scramble to adjust to the new reality of trading in a socially-distanced world, many have wanted to get the message out to their customers that it is “business as usual” (or as near-to as possible). In such unprecedented times (and encouraged by such consumer-targeted emails they may have received over recent days), businesses […]

COVID-19: Time to review your outsourced Managed Security Services arrangements

Tim Wright |

Even before the current pandemic, as enterprises have adopted techniques and practices such as digital transformation, cloud and mobility, they have faced an increased risk from a range of established and emerging cybersecurity threats, such phishing attacks which seek to introduce malware capable of compromising sensitive business information, ransomware and other fraud campaigns. The risk […]

Lenders and borrowers - new pressures in unprecedented times

Luke Morris |

In these unprecedented times, all loan deals are being stress tested. Both borrowers and lenders alike have their own issues from meeting payment obligations and satisfying financial covenants to liquidity ratios and revaluing portfolios. From a borrower’s perspective, generally speaking force majeure clauses don’t appear in debt finance documents. If they don’t then under English […]

Questions around the Governments latest job retention scheme

Taj Rehal |

The Chancellor on Friday announced a new Government Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme to enable employers to obtain a reimbursement of up to 80% of “furloughed workers” wage costs, up to a cap of £2,500 per month. As always with Government announcements details are sparse and we will have to wait for the details. It is […]

COVID-19: The future of esports and gaming collaboration

Thomas Edwards, Alan Wetterhahn |

Although the COVID-19 outbreak has been devastating for many businesses, certain industries such as the gaming and esports sectors may not be as badly affected as others. Social distancing means that, whilst many businesses are suffering from a lack of people visiting their bricks and mortar outlets, the gaming and esports industries are seeing record […]

Work Matters Bulletin: COVID-19 - March 2020

Michael McCartney, Mike Tremeer, Taj Rehal |

Ever-increasing coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and guidance has understandably led to us receiving a large number of requests for advice on employment related issues.   In this mailing we summarise the most popular FAQs for you, including rights and pay for self-isolating employees and those with caring responsibilities. Are employees entitled to pay when self-isolating? The Statutory […]

Aviation Update: Common themes in times of crisis

Bree Taylor, Carl Arreghini, Nadia Osborne, Alexander Sandwell |

The Aviation (Enforcement and Recovery) team has been advising clients on issues arising from the current crisis. Three main themes emerge from the current challenges in the airline sector: 1.) Airline insolvency risk.  A number of leasing companies have claims for unpaid rent and maintenance rent. These claims can be pursued by: applying security deposits […]

COVID-19: Budget Measures

Hamilton Forrest, Gemma Grunewald, Taj Rehal |

As the UK ramps-up its response to COVID-19, with the government now advising that anyone displaying symptoms of a high fever or continuous cough self-isolate for 14 days (along with each member of their household), significant economic repercussions are almost but inevitable. In last week’s Budget the Chancellor pledged to help small and medium sized […]

COVID-19: Casting a spotlight on Facilities Management outsourcing

Tim Wright |

At the time of writing, the UK is officially moving to the “delay” phase, with government advising that anyone with a new, continuous cough or a high temperature self-isolates for at least 7 days. With the FM sector already facing some headwinds such as the fallout of Carillion and other high profile insolvencies, the prolonged […]