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Coronavirus now an insured risk for hoteliers (Article in Hotels Newsletter by James Fry)

James Fry |

In a recent move by UK government (which will provide some comfort for the hospitality industry in the wake of potential losses from lost bookings and revenue in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak), Covid-19 will now be formally classified as a “notifiable disease” for insurance purposes. Under the terms of the Public Health (Control […]

Esport officials crackdown on cheats

Thomas Edwards |

The High Court recently handed down a summary judgment confirming in no uncertain terms that cheats never prosper. The action was brought by Take-Two Interactive, the publishers and developers of GTA V, against five defendants who had developed cheat software for GTA V named ‘Epsilon’ (not to be confused with the in-game ‘program’ (or cult) […]

Coronavirus and UK Immigration

Kelly Whiter |

As of 11 March 2020 there have been over 118,000 confirmed Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases and in excess of 4,000 deaths reported globally [1] . 113 countries and territories are affected with the numbers growing daily. The whole of Italy is now on lockdown, President Trump has announced the suspension of all travel from Europe (excluding […]

BT to switch off the IDSN and PSTN Telephony Networks

Tim Wright |

In August 2018, Gavin Patterson the then CEO of BT Group plc announced that BT will switch off ISDN services from its Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) in 2025, starting with a cease in supply from 2020, and moving to a full migration by 2025 (although the final date will be dependent on how successful […]

Please sign here: A look at the validity of e-signatures

Nadia Osborne |

The use of electronic signatures in business has increased markedly in recent years in response to an increase in agile working, time and cost restraints in having face to face meetings and environmental sustainability. In 2016 the Law Society produced guidance (prepared with input from Leading Counsel) that electronic signatures are valid under English law. […]

A review of rent reviews

Madeleine Holding |

Introduction Earlier this year the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced he would use the 11 March 2020 Budget Day to launch a consultation into the proposed correction to, or phasing out of, the retail price index (RPI) with a response expected before the Parliamentary summer recess. RPI lost its national statistic status in 2013 but […]

How to ensure your sign-off isn't more than just goodbye

Kathryn Davies |

In the current digital age there are more ways to sign a document than to simply put pen to paper, which is particularly useful now that most of us are working from home, but as the ways in which we may sign a document have increased, so has the risk. Section 2 of the Law […]

Coronavirus and leases

Nick Wood |

It would be remiss of us to publish this edition of Quarter Day without an article on the subject that has, in an unprecedented fashion, gripped the globe and impacted every area of our lives. I am writing of course about Coronavirus (or Covid-19) and I am writing this with a degree of trepidation.  I […]