Why did you choose law?

I chose law for its pervasive nature. The law facilitates everything, from buying your morning coffee to growing your own business. It is a vital component in the successful integration of people.

On a more personal level, I was attracted by the ability to work closely with individuals and businesses whilst growing a network of relationships. The academic rigour of the law was also particularly appealing, as you are constantly learning and keeping abreast of market developments.

Why Fladgate?

I was initially drawn to Fladgate’s entrepreneurial client base. This, coupled with the firm’s own impressive growth in recent years, created the setting to develop and grow into the lawyer I wanted to be.

On the training side, I felt the smaller trainee intake would provide me with more responsibility at an earlier stage in my training contract. The seat structure itself is based on ‘core’ areas so the experience gained is broad and varied.

How would you describe our graduate assessment process?

The process starts with a set of interesting application questions. Any nerves prior to the assessment day were dispelled by the welcoming and friendly nature of the firm. Partners and associates came to engage with the applicants throughout the day, which was a great touch – but be aware of current deals for points of conversation! The tests were tough, but necessary to draw out the strengths that the firm looks for.

The final interview was very much a two way conversation, designed to draw out your communication skills and your ability to think commercially about current issues and how the firm may be affected by the same.

Do you have any top tips for making a successful application?

Spend time really thinking about your interests and the type of firm that suits you, rather than attempting to mould your experience and personality to fit any firm. This will entail plenty of research in order to understand the culture, the client base and the main departments and sectors of the firm.

Being aware of the latest news is a given – what’s important is thinking about how certain issues affect the areas of law you’re interested in and, in turn, how this will affect the firm you’re applying to. It’s about developing intuition over the long term, understanding the marketplace and how everything fits together – not cramming in FT articles the week before!

What is a typical day for a Fladgate trainee?

My day begins with a morning visit to the gym. Once 9.30am arrives I am often on the phone to or meeting clients, responding to emails and discussing matters with my colleagues. Before leaving the office, usually around 7.30pm, I consider the tasks left outstanding for the next day to ensure I am on top of everything.

Getting involved with social events and the firm’s sports teams keeps your evenings busy.

Tell us something not on your CV

I am a keen traveller and often use my holiday throughout the year to spend some time backpacking around new and interesting places. I am also trustee of a charity which provides support and guidance to a network of projects in Kenya.


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