Why did you choose Law?

I initially took Law as an A level as it was something I had not previously experienced academically. I was interested in the subject as there is little else that influences every single thing around you – for example if you are sat in a building, solicitors would have been employed to assist with the construction, and the lease/purchase. If you get a coffee at a chain café, almost every single thing associated will have had legal input – the branding, the import of ingredients, health and safety aspects of the shop itself… so much is shaped and influenced by the law and I wanted to be a part of that.

Why Fladgate?

I was lucky enough to undertake some work experience at Fladgate during my law degree. The importance of having a good range of legal work experience was drilled into me by my university tutors, so I applied for and participated in as many work experience schemes as possible. Fladgate was one of the very few firms that gave me real work to do, which in turn gave me actual insight into working life as a lawyer. I was also given the opportunity to meet several associates and partners from various departments across the firm who gave me an oversight of what they do on a day-to-day basis and let me ask any questions. Along with the extremely friendly atmosphere of the firm, I knew that if I could I would love to work for Fladgate – if they treated a one-week work experience student with such respect and kindness, I knew they would be a great firm to work for.

How would you describe our graduate assessment process?

Fladgate is a thriving, expanding and progressive firm and the assessment process is tailored to find the candidates that will fit the firm’s ethos. Whilst it is challenging and thorough, it is not nearly as intimidating and gruelling as some of the processes implemented by other London firms. The assessment day is challenging, but the tasks within it are well structured and reasonable. There is also a valuable opportunity to network with the firm’s current trainees, associates and partners over coffee in a relaxed and open environment.

Do you have any top tips for making a successful application?

Take your time with your application and remember to structure your answers in a manner which is harmonious with Fladgate’s practices and methods. Do not make grammatical mistakes, as this is something which can be easily avoided yet can set the tone of your application. Fladgate is a forward-thinking firm, so if you are able to let your personality shine through in any of the questions, do so if appropriate! This will make your application more memorable and stand out from the candidates that use cookie cutter answers.

What is a typical day for a Fladgate trainee?

One of the best things about being a Fladgate trainee, in my opinion, is that no two days are the same! My day usually starts fairly early, as I like to go the gym before I start work. I will get to my desk at about 9am and structure my tasks in the order in which I’d like to deal with them, prioritising anything urgent, whilst I eat my breakfast. I will then start to methodically work though my to-do list, making sure whenever possible that I have dealt with anything urgent before lunch. At lunchtime, I like to get outside with colleagues and take a walk (if the sun is out!) or grab a coffee and eat my lunch. We are lucky that the office is in such a great location, which means there is a wealth of things you can do at lunchtime. I am the captain of Fladgate’s netball team, so sometimes we will have a match against another firm during lunchtime over at Lincoln’s Inn. After lunch, I continue to work through my list, approaching any new tasks that I receive in a sensible order. Daily tasks include liaising directly with clients, drafting letters and notices and preparing draft advice which is then discussed with and approved by my supervisor before being sent out. I will prepare my to-do list for the next day insofar as is possible, and usually leave the office between 6:30 and 7:30pm.

Tell us something we won’t find on your CV.

I am a big sport fan and enjoy both participating in and watching various different sports – I am an avid supporter of Manchester United, play netball and have a black belt in Karate. I also have a keen interest in baking, and often bring my creations into work to try out on my colleagues! I love travelling and like to take at least three holidays a year… last year saw me in Amsterdam, Connecticut and Jamaica! I write all of my travel and restaurant experiences into a travel blog which I really enjoy writing. Besides that, the one last thing you won’t find on my CV is that I have a phobia of… cotton wool!


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