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Unoccupied Homes: Owners beware!

Leanne Meredith |

Unoccupied Homes: Owners beware! As frequently reported in the news, local councils are under increasing pressure to find homes for their residents, there is however limited stock available. Councils are therefore under pressure to both be more creative about how residents are accommodated, and use all available options to make sure that housing stock is […]

Tate Modern: A story of legal nuisance, glass walls and net curtains

Leanne Meredith |

It is established law that a claim can be brought by one landowner against his neighbour in “nuisance”. Such a claim can arise in the event that the neighbour is doing something on his land which is causing a problem to the first landowner.

Tenants’ top tips on reducing their property related outgoings

Leanne Meredith |

While attention-grabbing headlines announcing the “decline” of the high street may be an example of overly gloomy reporting, the reality is that these are tough trading times. It seems as though every week there is a new report of another retailer or restaurateur calling in insolvency specialists. There are of course ways in which expense […]

CVAs and leases: What obligations are left if the CVA fails?

Leanne Meredith |

Proposing a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) is currently a popular option for companies facing financial difficulties. Creditors of companies such as BHS, Prezzo, Toys R Us, Maplin, Byron Burgers and New Look have all recently agreed to the companies operating under CVAs. Several other retailers are rumoured to be likely soon to follow suit. The […]

1 April 2018: an important day for more than just April Fools

Leanne Meredith |

April Fool’s Day 2018 will not just see the arrival of exceptionally crazy headlines in the tabloid press, but also the introduction of new rules governing the provision of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs).  EPCs are already a feature of the residential market, and will from 1 April 2018 also begin having a substantial impact upon […]

Japanese knotweed: The nightmare neighbour

Leanne Meredith |

The damage that Japanese knotweed can cause has been highly publicised over recent years. Growing by up to 10cm a day, it quickly covers land above ground, and has the potential to spread widely underground. It is said to spread beneath the foundations of properties and compromise their structure; it can cause cracks, undermine garden […]