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Managing cybersecurity to minimise risks and maintain business continuity

Alexander Wildschütz, Nadia Osborne |

Good cybersecurity management is important to minimising risks and maintaining business continuity in current climate. With remote / home working the current norm, organisations have to keep systems and data secure to minimise the risk of becoming victim of a cyberattack. Prevention is best when it comes to protecting your data and here are some […]

Guidance on Cash Management

Bree Taylor, Ben Drew, Nadia Osborne |

The Fladgate Insolvency and Restructuring team have been advising clients with the understandable desire to conserve cash. If not handled correctly, your efforts to negotiate terms with suppliers and staff could in fact increase the liabilities of the business, restrict the company’s ability to oppose a winding up petition and leave you personally exposed for […]

Aviation Update: Common themes in times of crisis

Bree Taylor, Carl Arreghini, Nadia Osborne, Alex Sandwell |

The Aviation (Enforcement and Recovery) team has been advising clients on issues arising from the current crisis. Three main themes emerge from the current challenges in the airline sector: 1.) Airline insolvency risk.  A number of leasing companies have claims for unpaid rent and maintenance rent. These claims can be pursued by: applying security deposits […]

Please sign here: A look at the validity of e-signatures

Nadia Osborne |

The use of electronic signatures in business has increased markedly in recent years in response to an increase in agile working, time and cost restraints in having face to face meetings and environmental sustainability. In 2016 the Law Society produced guidance (prepared with input from Leading Counsel) that electronic signatures are valid under English law. […]

Coronavirus symptoms may include; cough, sore throat and disrupted commercial contracts

Nadia Osborne |

The Far East (and increasingly the rest of the world) is becoming aware of the dangers posed by the coronavirus. Given the wide-spread impact and restrictions on movement imposed by the Chinese government in an attempt to combat the virus, it is evident there will be interruptions caused to commercial contracts. In such circumstances it […]