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Top Covid-19 tips for our real estate clients

Roy Perrott |

1.) Contracting out leases It is very important that landlords follow the correct procedure when contracting out a business tenancy under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954.  Fail to get this right and the tenant might acquire security of tenure.  The tenant needs to be sent a “warning notice”, explaining that they are giving up […]

ILN Real Estate Group releases updated edition of 'Buying & Selling Real Estate: An International Guide'

Roy Perrott, Richard Reuben |

The ILN’s Real Estate Group is delighted to announce the release of the second (and updated) edition of their guide, “Buying & Selling Real Estate: An International Guide.” This collaborative electronic guide offers a summary of key real estate law principles in 18 countries across the globe, serving as a quick, practical reference for those establishing […]

The ILN launches “Buying and Selling Real Estate: An International Guide”

Helena Luckhurst, Roy Perrott, Richard Reuben |

Fladgate LLP is delighted to have contributed to the first edition of The International Lawyers Network’s real estate guide, “Buying & Selling Real Estate:  An International Guide”. Published today, this collaborative electronic guide provides an overview of the legal aspects of buying and selling real estate in eleven jurisdictions internationally.  Plans are in place to add […]

Energy Efficiency Regulations

Roy Perrott |

Since 2008, it has (subject to limited exceptions) been compulsory to supply an energy performance certificate (EPC) for any property, commercial or residential, being let or sold.  Most clients will now be familiar with the grading that EPCs confer on a property, an “A” rating being the most energy efficient and a “G” rating the […]

Rights of light

Roy Perrott |

Rights of light can be a significant barrier to development, especially in built-up areas.  What exactly is a “right of light” and what steps can be taken to deal with them? What is a right of light? Our legal system has long recognised the concept of a “right of light”.  It is a type of […]

Hot and bothered

Roy Perrott |

Energy efficiency is a recurring theme in government legislation these days. Not so long ago, energy performance certificates (EPCs) were introduced and these are now compulsory on the sale or letting of almost all properties, residential or commercial. The Energy Act introduced a requirement that will have a major impact on the property industry when […]

Cinemas as ACVs?

Mark Saunders, Roy Perrott |

Once closed, how may cinemas become ACVs, or ‘assets of community value’? What does it mean anyway, and what are the limitations and likely realities when enabling community groups to bid for these properties? There have seen some recent high profile examples recently of local community groups, taking advantage of a right enshrined in the […]

Tenancy deposits: a new trap

Roy Perrott |

Since 2007, landlords who take a security deposit from an "assured shorthold" tenant (most short residential tenancies are assured shortholds) have had to protect the deposit. The landlord protects the deposit either by registering it with an insurance-based scheme or, alternatively, by lodging the deposit with a government approved custodian. The landlord must also serve […]

Immigration Act - Landlord's Obligations

Roy Perrott |

There have been concerns for some time that rogue residential landlords are letting their properties to illegal immigrants, who then evade deportation. These properties are often unsafe with no sanitation. With that in mind, new statutory provisions have been implemented that will fine landlords up to £3,000 if they do not check their tenants’ immigration […]

Legal to let?

Roy Perrott |

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) have been around for a few years. Since 2008, it has (subject to limited exceptions) been compulsory to supply an EPC for any property, commercial or residential, being let or sold. Most clients will now be familiar with the grading that EPCs confer on a property, with properties with an "A" […]

Sending in the bailiffs

Roy Perrott |

Sending the bailiffs in (or “distraining” as it is officially known) is often an effective way of recovering rent arrears. It has been used for centuries. Landlords will therefore be disappointed to learn that things are changing from 6 April next year. It will still be possible to seize the tenant’s goods but the procedure […]

One from the vaults

Matthew Williams, Roy Perrott |

Boundaries: Basements that extend under a highway are sometimes excluded from the Land Registry title plan. One of the advantages of registered land is that it provides certainty as to ownership. It can come as a surprise, then, to learn that the Land Registry title plan does not determine the exact boundary between adjoining properties. […]