Data about suppliers and supplier personnel

  What we collect Source Purpose Legal basis Recipients
Contact information Business addresses

Landline/mobile phone or fax numbers

Email addresses

Previous addresses

Individual himself or herself

Individual’s employer or contracting organisation (our Supplier)

For contacting individuals in relation to goods or services

For providing references and recommendations about the individual

Performance of contract with the individual.

Our legitimate interest in requesting, purchasing or administering contracts for the supply of goods or services

The legitimate interests of the individual

The supplier concerned

Our service providers (such as data storage, typing, administrative support and audit)

Professional directors and other potential customers

Our bank, and our accountants

Employment information: Position/Title

Employment history

Professional specialisms


For assessing the individual’s skills and experience.

For providing references and recommendations about the individual

Financial information Bank details

Transaction history

Captured when we receive or make a payment to/from an individual, or make payments on behalf of an individual and retained as evidence of the transactions.