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Walgate Debt Solutions

A simple one-stop shop service that helps secure the right debt package in a complex market

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Our Services

Walgate Debt Solutions (WDS) provides a one-stop shop solution for businesses and individuals who are active in the commercial real estate, residential development and leisure sectors who are looking for an effective service and a partner who will maximise their chances of securing the appropriate debt package. That includes not just acquisition and bridging finance but more sophisticated development finance along with senior and mezzanine structured financing.

WDS is distinguished by its affiliation and close association with the long established and respected law firm Fladgate LLP. We have drawn on the extensive experience and knowledge of Partners in Fladgate’s legal teams across real estate and finance and with clients based in multiple jurisdictions to develop the WDS offering and service. Whilst our Debt Solutions business is separate to Fladgate LLP it is ‘powered’ by Fladgate’s reputation and operates seamlessly with it.

Clients can benefit from a fully integrated legal and debt advisory service by utilising both Fladgate and WDS for their real estate transactions, although both can operate on a stand-alone basis. WDS is able to provide market-tested funding terms at a very early due diligence stage of an acquisition or development to assist its client with their viability analysis.

It also means WDS can offer peace of mind in finding the right solution for any size of loan in a complex market by taking advantage of widespread connections in the market. We are particularly adept at working with fast moving entrepreneurial businesses (from private equity to family offices) many of whom have significant interests invested in real estate and are: 

  • Interested in working with a team on both straight forward and non-standard deals
  • Wanting to move fast
  • Wanting to work solely with an expert team
  • Looking for a team to collaborate with their in-house specialists

Another critical element of our service that differentiates it for clients is the benefit of having a debt advisor who has development appraisal and investment cashflow modelling capabilities, overlaying various debt terms to help structure the most profitable capital stack. We all know what they say about first impressions, the same applies for lenders who see multiple deals. So we like to give our clients the tools to give them the best chance of securing the debt.

How our team would work with you

  1. Initial meeting

    Initial meeting to assess your proposed funding opportunity

  2. Structuring

    Assisting you with modelling and corporate/security considerations to structure the debt

  3. Presentation preparation

    Helping you in preparing a presentation of the proposed funding opportunity

  4. Approaching funders

    Taking the complexity out of finding the right funder by approaching the lending market with the opportunity and reporting back to you

  5. Term sheet negotiation

    Advising and negotiating the term sheet with the lender - utilising if required advice from the debt team at Fladgate

  6. Execution

    Assistance in documenting the commercial terms and satisfying conditions precedent to ensure the transaction closes on time


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