Inclusivity & diversity

At Fladgate we run our business in ways that promote equality of opportunity and respect for diversity. Ours is a business that thrives on bringing together people with different perspectives to address our clients’ challenges, so we value and encourage diversity, both internally and externally.

In an increasingly international business environment, our clients come to us with an enormous range of issues and from a variety of backgrounds. Our capacity to reflect and respond to that diversity is critical to our success as a business and also to the strength and appeal of our culture. We want to work with talented people from all walks of life to bring energy, enthusiasm and creativity to our business. Our people are drawn from a wide range of nationalities; over 25 different languages are spoken within the firm.

Promoting inclusivity is a key element of our commitment to being a great place to work, enabling us to attract and retain the best talent. We are committed to the fair treatment of everyone and to ensuring that each individual is valued and respected. All our partners and staff attend diversity training, which encourages them to consider and be aware of how language and behaviour impacts others. We support our people in maximising their potential within our inclusive culture. Our diversity statistics demonstrate that we are making good progress in broadening our racial, gender and age profile and we are continually looking for ways to further embed diversity in our firm.

As signatories to The Law Society’s Diversity and Inclusion Charter, we have made a clear declaration of our commitment to uphold the values of diversity, equality and inclusion throughout our business. But our desire to promote the principles of equality and diversity extends beyond what happens within our organisation to supporting and encouraging those values in wider society. We actively participate in The Law Society’s Diversity and Inclusivity events.

Our inclusivity initiatives are led by Mythily Katsaris, our inclusivity and diversity partner.

Women in Law

We are proud signatories to the Women in Law Pledge created by The Law Society, the Bar Council of England and Wales and the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx). Our organisation is committed to the progress of gender equality, elimination of gender discrimination and pledge to make positive change for the legal profession.

The Women In Law Pledge:

The Halo Code

To demonstrate our on-going commitment to recognising the benefits of racial diversity and inclusivity, we are delighted to adopt the Halo Code in an effort to recognise cultural traditions relating to hair and hair styles – particularly in relation to afro-textured hair. The Halo Code is set out below and we will be reviewing and updating our dress code in the next Staff Handbook update to incorporate this.

Race Equality Week

We are excited to be taking part in UK’s first ever Race Equality Week – a week where organisations across the country unite in activity to address race in the workplace and drive transparency, accountability & action. Join us and hundreds of other organisations here

Gold for Fladgate – The Law Society Diversity Charter 2017

Every two years, Fladgate voluntarily submits responses to a very detailed questionnaire, sent out by the Law Society in respect of their Diversity Charter.

The questions are under eight separate headings, and our responses enable us to see how we have scored and to what level we have progressed.  In 2015, we scored gold in two categories and were awarded a ‘silver’ award overall.

This year’s results show that there has been significant progress; we scored gold in five categories and were awarded an overall ‘gold’ status – a fantastic achievement.

Although we have no intentions of resting on our laurels, I am absolutely thrilled at the progress we have made, and great credit needs to be given to the firm’s Diversity Committee which has provided some really good ideas, many of which have already been implemented.



PrimeWe are committed to broadening access to the legal profession and are part of the PRIME social inclusion initiative, which aims to provide fair access to meaningful work experience within the legal sector for school-age students from less-privileged backgrounds. Research has shown that young people from poorer backgrounds are at a disadvantage in accessing certain careers because they lack the contacts and family connections that would expose them to such opportunities.

As part of our commitment to PRIME, and in collaboration with IntoUniversity and the University of West London, we host an Insight Day every February at our Covent Garden offices for 20 year-12 students from less-privileged backgrounds. These Insight Days provide them with the opportunity to find out about a career in the law, to experience our culture and environment first hand and to apply for more extensive work experience with us in the summer.

During the summer, four students attend our offices for a structured week-long work experience programme that features a range of skills development exercises, support with CV writing and opportunities to attend court with our lawyers. This more immersive programme provides the students with the best possible exposure to a legal career and gives them lasting skills and experiences that will help them, whatever direction their career takes them.

Our trainees act as “buddies” to the PRIME students before and after they spend time with us, helping to ensure that they get the maximum benefit from the programmes.

Students and staff alike find these initiatives valuable and rewarding and the success of our Insight Days and our PRIME work experience reflect our continuing commitment to a more diverse legal sector.

IntoUniversity University of West London Black Lawyers Directory

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