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Group Litigation

Bespoke group litigation expertise provided by a full service law firm

Our Service

Housed within a team that has acted on some of the largest cases in the London market, our lawyers have the experience to identify, build and run group litigation on behalf of large numbers of claimants and companies.

Our pedigree in this area includes advising the personal search companies of England & Wales who conduct water and sewage searches on three large group litigation claims in a case worth £200 million, representing 500+ SMEs in a group claim against Clydesdale Bank PLC and National Australia Bank, and acting for 33,000 claimants in a claim against The Royal Bank of Scotland plc.

Operating as part of a full service firm and with strong connections to claim management, book building and funding specialists, we provide a bespoke approach with the technical knowledge and experience to identify and assess the strength and commerciality of cases to build a compelling case. Our track record of building and pursuing group claims means we can help clients access the efficiencies and benefits of seeking legal redress as part of a group.

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