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Debt Finance

We advise borrowers and lenders on debt finance related matters

Our Service

Our quality expertise includes acquisition and project finance, the giving and taking of security over all forms of tangible and intangible property, syndicated loans, participations, securitisations and other structured products such as collateralised debt obligations (CDOs).

We have extensive experience in the specialised sphere of asset-based lending. The nature of such transactions requires careful attention to underlying security structures.

By drawing upon our understanding of the needs of both borrowers and lenders, we are able to suggest innovative financing structures and anticipate issues in order to identify and solve problems early on.

Our experience in sectors such as real estate funds, hotels, healthcare, offices, retail and student accommodation ensures that we are able to deliver smart, commercial and efficient solutions for our clients.

We aim to provide clients with practical and commercial legal advice which fits their business goals, drawing on a high level of partner involvement.

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