You may be aware from media reports that cyber-fraudsters are increasingly targeting law firms. Cyber-crime committed against law firms could for example be used to steal money or to facilitate identity theft.

We have been made aware of unsolicited emails that have been sent from individuals claiming to be lawyers from Fladgate LLP and using Fladgate LLP in the email address. The emails which come from private email addresses offer help to recover money said to be held in bank accounts following the death of a relative. The gist of the message is that the recipients’ assistance is required to obtain funds. These emails do not come from Fladgate LLP.

Whilst we do everything possible to make our system secure it is always sensible to be particularly cautious when requests for funds are received through electronic media. For example, always check that the email address of the sender exactly matches our genuine address. Be wary of any messages that indicate that our bank account has had to be changed at short notice. That is highly unlikely to be genuine. Treat with caution any emails requesting funds which are received out of normal office hours.

If you have any doubts or concerns about the authenticity of emails (or any other documents) which appear to come from Fladgate LLP please send them to so that they can be verified or speak directly to the fee-earner you are dealing with on the telephone number given in our client care letter.