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A Rollercoaster Deal

Bharti Global Limited makes headlines selling SB Energy - a rollercoaster deal

It was raining at Alton Towers theme park on the Sunday that Mythily Katsaris and her family visited. It was not Mythily’s first choice for a day out, but it developed into the sort of fast speed rollercoaster experience that she and her team at Fladgate really enjoy. Her client Bharti Global Limited had contacted her the Friday before about helping with the sale of Bharti Global’s 20% stake in SB Energy. They got started immediately and things were moving fast over the weekend.

By Sunday, as the rain came down in Alton Towers, it became obvious that the deal needed to be closed by the Tuesday of that week. This was the largest deal in the green energy space in India and one for a highly ambitious and fast moving business.

Exactly the sort of complex and fast moving deal that the Fladgate team relish.

Mythily and her senior associate, Sophie Burke worked through Sunday. She found a discrete space in the adventure park to make conference calls and review documents. The much publicised deal was closed on Tuesday attracting positive headlines for Bharti Global Limited, and recognition for a deal whose scale in this sector had not been matched since 2016.

“Bharti Global is pleased with the services provided by Mythily and her team on such short notice. They were laser-focused and provided excellent advice, ensuring a timely closure that met the expectation of all stakeholders. These transactions are nothing short of rollercoaster rides with things moving at breakneck speed; we hope she didn't miss out on much fun.”

Meanwhile, Mythily was able to look back with pleasure at what they had achieved at such a fast pace working with Bharti Global. The only bad news – well, Alton Towers have a ‘rainy day guarantee’ meaning they received free tickets for her family to go back again, leaving her with no excuses to avoid facing rides like ‘Oblivion’ and ‘Nemesis’.

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