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Zouk Capital: iZettle and a 10 day deal

Zouk, like many of our clients, is a ‘trend initiator’ in some of the most exciting growth sectors today. It is a private equity fund manager targeting the digital and sustainable economy building global technology leaders and next generation energy and environmental assets.

Their success stems from agility and enterprising thinking. That’s why they expect the same from us. As a small, fast moving team they rely on their advisors to be agile and think ahead.

Typical of this is the exciting moment when we were instructed on the sale of iZettle to PayPal for $2.2 billion in just 10 days and to involve only a handful of individuals due to its highly confidential nature. Apart from our advice on the terms of the main sale agreement and other principal documents (such as escrow arrangements and the appointment of the sellers’ representative), our role involved ensuring that we confirmed key commercial instructions not just with Zouk but also with the other 4 lead financial investors that instructed us to support them on the sale. The clients acknowledged that, as a very small agile team, we added significant value in protecting their position in very fast moving and complex negotiations across a number of time zones.

We are grateful to Graham and Yulia for their hard work and valued advice and support. We always enjoy working with them. We were all very impressed by their diligence in helping us to conclude this transaction.

Nathan Medlock, Partner at Zouk Capital

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