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  1. City buildings

    European Private Equity Fund

    | 3 minute read

    In 2014 our team began working with a London-headquartered European Private Equity Fund, the relatio…

  2. Real estate windows

    BYM Group

    | 3 minute read

    Long-standing client BYM Group, a property asset sourcing and investment business and a major player…

  3. Restaurant bar

    Otium Real Estate

    | 3 minute read

    Otium Real Estate is a property investment company focused on commercial leisure real estate and is …

  4. Dynamic Building colourful

    Bridging the registration gap

    | 10 minute read

    For most buyers of registered land, the deal is done when the transfer is complete, the purchase pri…

  5. English real estate

    Clarifying capital contributions

    | 10 minute read

    Capital contributions can be a useful inducement to tenants, but proper consideration of their impac…

  6. Real estate windows

    Country clarity in contract law

    | 5 minute read

    Non-English commercial counterparties often decide that a contract should be governed by English law…

  7. Architecture grey

    NEC 3 to NEC 4 - Key Changes

    | 10 minute read

    Campaigning for good project management and flexibility, the NEC4 suite of documents were released i…

  8. Road

    Nil paid shares

    | 10 minute read

    A nil paid share is simply a share where the subscription price is left outstanding at the point the…

  9. Architecture 2

    Rentcharges - still relevant?

    | 10 minute read

    Rentcharges are any annual or other periodic sums charged on land, except rent reserved by a lease o…

  10. Dynamic aerial crop view

    Back to basics - the 1954 Act

    | 10 minute read

    This article is taken from the latest edition of Fladgate’s Footfall Update. Please email the market…

  11. Cash

    One from the vaults

    | 10 minute read

    Boundaries: Basements that extend under a highway are sometimes excluded from the Land Registry titl…

  12. Building rows of windows on corner

    Restrictive covenants

    | 7 minute read

    Developers and landowners often find that development sites are subject to covenants which prohibit …

  13. Rows of chairs 2

    Video Insights: Sofa to Sofa

    | 15 minute read

    Fladgate has launched Sofa to Sofa, a new forward looking series of 4 minute videos on future tren…

  14. Banknotes in various currencies

    Zouk Capital: Liberty Charge

    | 2 minute read

    Zouk, a private equity fund manager targeting the digital and sustainable economy, is the manager of…


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