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Teresa Cullen

Teresa Cullen


I am a family law specialist dealing with all aspects of family law including issues relating to financial matters, jurisdiction and children.


I believe that fundamental to all family cases is the strategy that is adopted at the earliest opportunity.

Each family is different and each family’s circumstances need a tailored approach, whether that is dealing with matters with the court’s assistance and adopting the court timetable, or endeavouring to negotiate the best outcome for my clients in light of ongoing family relationships.

I am unfazed by complicated trust structures or corporate entities. I feel as at home with the financial complexities as I do with trying to arrange safe and fulfilling relationships for children with both their parents, wherever possible.

I am a member of the International Academy of Family Lawyers and a recognised specialist.

I also deal with complex family affairs in my work in connection with claims under the Inheritance Act 1975 and in Contested Probate cases.

I am a trained family (and civil and commercial) Mediator. I am a Collaborative Lawyer and, unusually, I am a qualified psychodynamic psychotherapist having trained with the Tavistock and specialise in working with couples. These skills allow me to tailor my approach to the individual client with whom I am working, and against the background of their family dynamics, both financial and personal.

For every family, there must be a solution. My role is to help the client, through whichever process is adopted, to reach that solution with as little trauma and delay as possible.


Our partner-led team advise both married and cohabiting couples whether at the start or end of a relationship. We are experienced at identifying issues at an early stage, whether it relates to finances or children, and provide focussed advice which is tailor made to your situation.


Working closely with clients to anticipate and deal with their business risks and objectives, we utilise the skills of a team of lawyers who are experienced in all types of dispute resolution. Our multi-national, bi-lingual team enables us to service clients wherever they are in the world while achieving the best results for their business.


A highly experienced private wealth disputes team providing a one stop shop to clients in the sector and able to advise on any issue which may arise. Advising clients across-the-board, the team can strive to minimise the risk of disputes while having the expertise and experience to litigate at the highest level.


Trust disputes often present a very particular set of difficulties and legal issues, many of which derive from a trustee’s special responsibility as fiduciary. These may relate to how costs are dealt with, the protection of trustees from personal liability, breaches of trustees’ obligations and challenges over the administration of the trust.



  • High value financial claim within divorce proceedings involving assets in the UK, Russia and Cyprus.
  • Complex children dispute involving threats of parental alienation, allegations of harm to the child and severing all contact with the non-custodial parent.
  • Prenuptial Agreement involving the protection of complex family trust structures and assets in a number of jurisdictions.
  • Defended divorce proceedings.
  • Using the collaborative law process to resolve complex financial claims involving intricate family company structures, valuations of property in the UK and abroad, and on-going maintenance for our client based on a novel bonus system linked to the family company’s performance, as well as the paying party’s remuneration.


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