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Contractual accuracy and rigour underpin every aspect of business and we help our clients navigate all aspects of contract law.

Our Service

We support our clients’ day-to-day operations and advise them when tackling complex projects, regularly draw up standard terms for clients as well as bespoke agreements for more complex transactions and advise on the key aspects of such contracts, including warranties, indemnities, limitations of liability and liquidated damages.

Our public sector experience enables us to help clients with purchasing arrangements in the context of the public procurement rules, including advising on and drafting framework agreements.

In the context of B2C, we help our clients to achieve compliance with consumer rights regulations, including cancellation processes for online sales.

Competition law is a key part of our contracts work. We advise on the many forms of agreements where some sort of exclusivity is included in the terms and on other forms of horizontal and vertical restrictive practices. We are experienced in assessing the issues and ensuring that our clients understand the risks involved, as well as preparing legal documentation to address these issues.

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