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Roy Perrott

Professional Support Lawyer

Roy Perrott


I joined Fladgate’s real estate team as a professional support lawyer in 2005. In that time, I have developed the firm’s precedent database, been a member of industry drafting committees and written extensively for many leading real estate publications.

Lawyers in some firms, and PSLs in particular, can have a reputation for being uncommercial and academic. At Fladgate, however, we see ourselves as agile and enterprising and that fits with my ethos as well. I am a fan of plain English and using drafting that is clear, concise and which everyone will understand. Why use ten words when two will do?

I enjoy getting stuck into knotty problems and helping my colleagues find solutions that are both commercial and legally watertight. “Blue sky” drafting also gets me excited: when you literally have no existing precedents to work with and yet come up with something that works and does what the client wants. I have a keen interest in new developments within the law, in particular green leases and using advances in technology to improve our way of doing things.

When not working, I like to learn languages (I speak six but it might be time for a new one) and I am a keen runner. I am busy working on achieving my first sub-3 hour marathon by the age of 50.

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