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Jingle Regulation

The UK’s data protection enforcement body, the ICO, has published an article on “Sleigh-ing the Christmas GDPR myths”. As they say, the last thing they want is Santa to be reported to the IC-Ho-Ho-Ho!

So the article sets the record straight on some pretty crazy “rules” that have been blamed on GDPR, such as:

Children can’t write public letters to Santa, as their parents’ permission will be needed.

You can’t contact parents to tell them what stall they will be running at the school Xmas Fair because you don’t have their express consent

You can’t give a delivery driver directions to someone else’s home

Christmas cards are banned if you don’t have the recipients’ consent

To be a bit ‘bah humbug’ about it, the only one to watch out for is the last one, if you’re sending corporate Christmas cards; that would count as direct marketing, so make sure the recipient has not requested no marketing.

Full ICO article can be found at

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