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YO! Sushi: Enterprising solutions

Known as a ‘market initiator’, YO! Sushi has always been ready to shape the future in the restaurant sector. We have worked with them since 2005 and, with limited in-house legal resource, they have always looked for us to closely support the CEO, FD and property team in offering personal and agile advice. Moments of change require an enterprising approach and strong collaborative team work.

Most recently, this has meant working closely with them in moving fast to reimagine their business. For example, their famous conveyor belts needed to be re-purposed as a brilliant way to ensure Covid secure delivery of food and likewise enable their delivery or collection-only service and their store estate has needed other changes to deal with a post-Covid world and new customer dynamic. That has meant us reacting quickly and efficiently as we support them in everything from re-gearing and renewing their leases to dealing with licences to alter as we have sought to bring added value knowledge of market developments, including for example in the area of rent concessions. That’s why they call us “their favourite property lawyer”!

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